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Download Your Images


You can now download your images from Mobile Family Lab activity days. Please click on the relevant event from the list below.


CNS Saturday 22nd March 2014 (19th March 2011)

Saturday Science at the Forum (19th March 2011)

Cells - Heartsease School (9th December 2009)

Cells Alive (19th September 2009)

Castle Museum - Seaweed Plates (7/8th March 2009)

Cells Alive - Exploring the Science of Life (6th September 2008)

Totally Amazing Me - Inspire Discovery Centre (15th March 2008)

Castle Museum - The Science of Skin (8th-9th March 2008)

Acle High School (6th October 2007)


To download an image right click on it with your right mouse button and select 'save image as'.